Just from a random journal entry. Again, blogspot is blocked. Damn you big brother!!

Sitting here in Salvador’s and eavesdropping on a conversation between a foreign girl and her young Chinese friend. Her Mandarin is excellent, and the fact that she is not a native speaker does not obscure the vividness of her expressions, her eyes widen, smile, hands motion fluidly. She is clearly comfortable speaking in Chinese. I like her already, and her friend seems to too. He seems so earnest, so immersed by the conversation, that I am willing to forgive him for breathing smoke at me. This girl is the kind of person I would like to be, or to have as a friend. She looks like she has the ability to put others at ease in a moment.

Not doing work. I can see how large and full of possibility the world can be if you have the courage and the skill to put others at ease, to tease out the trust and humor of others. How does one do this? There seems to be no barrier between the spontaneous traveler and the listener, everything at least appears transparent. The entire body expresses, hands, eyes, mouth and demeanor. She bends close to the table sometimes, her hands move expansively, they talk with her, imbuing her words with a visceral, immediate and urgent sort of meaning. I like her already.