Big earrings and a bruised butt

We went to Dali for the weekend, taking a hard sleeper train and a long public bus ride to our hotel outside Dali gucheng (old town). About six of us went with Prof Israel, officially insane 72year old history professor, on a 70+ kilometer bike ride around Erhai lake. 70km in translation means about 45 miles of cycling. Needless to say I’m having trouble walking down stairs, but it was definitely worth knowing I could do something like that if I had to. The weather was very pretty, biking with the lake on one side and cliffs on the other.

I’m currently trying to set things up for my stay in Taipei this summer. The plan right now is to hit up Hong Kong for a week after the program ends June 8th and see the lovely Karen, then fly to Taipei, take Chinese classes at the normal university there while hopefully working as (what else?) an English teacher until August, when I’ll be coming home to good ol’ NYC.

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood. I’ve also gotten Skype finally, so expect some surprise calls from the other side.


Four more weeks?!

Apologies for the lack of posts in the last month. Much has happened. The program took us to Lijiang, a city north of Kunming, where we hiked over a mountain and stayed at an ecolodge in the village in the valley below. We visited a primary school there, played something like duck duck goose with a kindergarten class on the grass outside (one of the faster little boys tackled me to the ground), danced with some Naxi women, and hiked some more through Tiger Leaping Gorge. I finally got to see Alex in Shanghai this past weekend, but unfortunately it rained off and on throughout so the Shanghai I experienced was largely gray, traffic-jammed and a little too Disneyfied (namely the old town which has since been turned into a crowded tourist trap).

Will post more later on, but incidentally it’s a beautiful day in Kunming right now, and I wish I weren’t still working on looking for a summer internship. Bleh. Also incidentally, they’re playing Tracy Chapman’s the Promise on the speakers right now, and it’s making me miss Wesleyan a little even as it’s making me happy.