Four more weeks?!

Apologies for the lack of posts in the last month. Much has happened. The program took us to Lijiang, a city north of Kunming, where we hiked over a mountain and stayed at an ecolodge in the village in the valley below. We visited a primary school there, played something like duck duck goose with a kindergarten class on the grass outside (one of the faster little boys tackled me to the ground), danced with some Naxi women, and hiked some more through Tiger Leaping Gorge. I finally got to see Alex in Shanghai this past weekend, but unfortunately it rained off and on throughout so the Shanghai I experienced was largely gray, traffic-jammed and a little too Disneyfied (namely the old town which has since been turned into a crowded tourist trap).

Will post more later on, but incidentally it’s a beautiful day in Kunming right now, and I wish I weren’t still working on looking for a summer internship. Bleh. Also incidentally, they’re playing Tracy Chapman’s the Promise on the speakers right now, and it’s making me miss Wesleyan a little even as it’s making me happy.


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