Looking through facebook pictures of senior year. It’s wonderful having people record parts of your life for you, camera-less as I have been for the past four years. Reading through some old journal entries evokes deeper memories in me than pictures do. It’s strange how different our inner and outer lives are. I sometimes can’t read my own face to remember and decipher what you were thinking when the picture was taken.

Searching for jobs online always instills pure panic in me. What I can’t see, envision, taste, feel, know, is anxiety-provoking. Having friends in the house has been such a blessing. I suppose there’s something in being surrounded by loved ones that makes it easier to keep faith and feel safe. I’ll be moving into Columbia on Sunday with parents in tow. I really don’t have any idea what the next six weeks of my life will look like.

Keeping the faith.


Again and again

Slate article on random ICE sweeps.

Why is it that the American government and the American people continually fail to learn from the past? Indiscriminately sweeping neighborhoods with high concentrations of people from a particular race in order to fulfill a yearly quota of illegal immigrants. Mistreating those people when detaining them. Why has it always been so easy to dehumanize? It might just be an indication of my niavete that these things continue to surprise me.