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I posted a comment today on a blog focused on Queens history and development. I came across it while trying to find out more about the history of my neighborhood. At first, I was happy to see that there were people out there who were so engaged in research and local culture. But then it became increasingly disturbing as I looked through the site and saw that many people, including the blog’s author, had posted entries that attributed overdevelopment and other urban social ills to “illegals”, overcrowding to the “Brahmans” living next door, etc.

I finally posted something in response today, something that I’ve never done before but suddenly felt compelled to do. The blogger responded to my comment by saying that s/he was simply reporting whatever was going on in the neighborhood and was an equal-opportunity civilian police of sorts, posting pictures of local law offenders whether they were white, asian, hispanic or black. And that it was a free country.

Granted, it is a free country. But what disturbed me most about the site was that it seems like a forum for a lot of people to voice racist and hate-filled views. Interestingly enough, one of the blog’s readers said in response to my post “what makes you think the people who write on this blog are white?” I don’t know that, and to be honest, didn’t consider the possibility at all really when I commented. I suppose the irony of minority-on-minority racism was just too ridiculous for me to believe.

In all, I’m not sure whether I want to engage in this debate any further, altough just by posting I’ve already picked a side and have participated in the “debate”. The whole experience brought up memories of bullies in school and how in some ways helpless one can feel in the face of total close-mindedness, defensiveness, and anger. What to do? I need some help here.


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