warm belly

I was about to fall asleep at my desk this morning, but went outside for lunch. It is a gorgeous spring-like day in the middle of November. I walked about 10 blocks to get a vietnamese baguette at a tiny bustling little shop on lex and 25th, crowded with workers out for Friday lunch. I got my chicken baguette (medium spicy) and saw 3 things on my way back that I want to remember:

-Violin concert at 12:30 on Mondays at a place on 28th between Madison and Park.

-A tall black woman in a long gray coat and heels walks past a bike messenger stopped at the corner of 28th and Madison. He turns around, sunglasses and helmet and spandex, and calls out to her, telling her that she looks good. She tries to keep a straight face but after she passes, a big smile struggles to escape on her lips. You know whatever he said will make her feel good for the rest of the day.

-I stop on a whim at a little jewelry store on 33rd and Madison to look at some hoop earrings. The shop is small and dingy, smells of jewelry cleaning chemicals, wood panelled and dusty. Just like I remember my parent’s shop when I was little in Chinatown. Even the large Seiko clock on the wall is exactly the same. He’s boisterous and Middle Eastern. Though he can probably tell that I won’t buy the earrings at the price he quotes me ($80 and I’m wearing knockoff Converses) he still gives me an exuberant farewell as he buzzes me out the door.

What an unbelievably gorgeous day in midtown today.