Artists and responsibility

You know what the essential problem is that I find with some artists? Some believe that they are apolitical, that they bear no responsibility to civil society, that they somehow exist “outside” of society. Zhang Yimou, Elia Kazan, Gao Xingjian, Roman Polanski, etc.

There is art commandeered for political propaganda, which is horrible. At the other end of the spectrum are artists who take no responsibility for their work and their influence. Especially if you’re being paid and recognized for your work at the expense of others just as talented.

Grow up, don’t be children, don’t be hypocrites and accept responsibility for your work and and all it’s implications.

Oh, and true martyrs never announce themselves as such. Every time we pat ourselves on the back for doing something right or good, that is vanity, ego.

If you disagree, chime in, and disabuse me of my prejudiced views towards irresponsible producers of art.

On the other end of the spectrum is Nabokov, who created one of the most fascinating monsters in literature, the pedophile Humbert Humbert in Lolita. Nabokov was fully aware of the allure and depravity of his character. He didn’t shy away from it.


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