The specific illuminates the universal

I think one of the greatest misconceptions about gender studies, race and ethnicity studies is that they are only for women, people of color, and whichever minority group is ostensibly the focus of research.  If a course is titled “Chicano Studies” or “Asian-American Studies”, people immediately write them off as marginalized because, well, if I’m white and male, why should I give a crap about women’s studies?  To study women/gender/sexuality is to study men and masculinity.  To study African American history is to more fully understand whiteness and American-ness.

There’s the rub folks.  Know thyself is to know the other, and vice versa.  We’re all in this together.


One thought on “The specific illuminates the universal

  1. Francisco says:

    So how should we relabel classes?

    If everyone can take American History.

    Then does it become “Chicano History in America”?

    Cultural Studies needs to be re-branded.

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