So we are not Generation Next, X, Y,  Z, delta sigma pi.  We are the “Millennials.”

.Millennials, defined as those born in the 1980s who came of age with the new century and are now between 18 and 28. The fact that they have grown up wired — linked as soon as they start to socialize via cellphones, computers and video games — is not the only defining characteristic. They have a different mind-set, making former methods of approach obsolete. This is the generation of free downloads, easy access to everything — what the American psychologist Nathan Brody calls ‘the entitled generation.'”NYT article

“Entitled generation” is kind of a back-handed moniker isn’t it?  Every generation has its own way of being condescending to the next.  I’m not an advocate for blind conservatism by the young, mindlessly following and nodding yes to the old.  Nor do I think that every subsequent generation is dumber and more depraved than the one before.  Each generation does have obligations to that which comes before and after.  If the young are somehow deficient in whatever way, isn’t that also partially the responsibility of the old who left us to inherit the world as it is now?

.This is getting way more metaphysical than I expected.  Hmm.  This requires more thought.


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