Work is play

And play is work.  That’s how I think it should be.  People who love what they do, do it because they derive joy from it.  The work day doesn’t end at 5pm because who wants to stop playing when the game is just getting interesting?

Someone asked today during a social media in the workplace presentation: “If I’m on this [facebook-like application for organizations], am I working?”  And the answer the presenter gave was that the conventional view of work (with a capital W) entails someone sitting at a desk with a stack a papers in front of him/her, or banging away endlessly at an excel document all day.  If that’s work, then it’s a wonder more people don’t regularly try to jump off the nearest inter-borough bridge.  In reality, Work and Play live on opposite sides of a spectrum, and all types of behaviors that happen in the workplace fall somewhere on that spectrum of productivity and socializing.  The correlative of this that appeals most to me is that play makes people so much more human, rather than mindless cogs in the Work machine.

Work is play, play is work.  Only when this is true does a life become meaningful and happiness sustainable.


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