What is the worth of faith?  I want to believe that there is good underlying all this, but there are moments when it doesn’t seem possible.  My “good” is not your “good”.  Unspeakably horrible things happen every day and have happened.

I want to know about the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Aun San Suk Kyi and all our contemporary moral leaders.  What sustains them?  Faith can be a pillar of a life lived according to the highest principles, but I think it isn’t the only one.  I just want answers, when it’s clear that there aren’t any.  None you can find in book or a sound bite anyway.

It’s too easy to forget about attribution error.  Other people look so much more whole than you might feel about yourself – a roil of emotions and disconnected thoughts.

I’m borrowing this body for the next 60 years or so and will give it back to the earth when I’m done.  Just borrowing.  Being spiritual means acknowledging the smallness of you in the universe.  And yet that smallness makes me feel so much more empowered and free, because for a moment it lifts the burden of ego – your job, status, the clothes you wear, your (dis)abilities, what your friends and co-workers think about you.  If there are aliens out there, they’re probably laughing at us and our petty vexations.

In a somewhat (but not very) related note, what motivates us?  Not always bonuses.  The Gist = “Pay people enough to take the issue of money off the table.”



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