Invisible People

1) Home

2) Family

3) Peace of mind



List of decisions that I’m glad about, versus list of regrets.  Decisions I’m glad about all took some leap of faith.  List of regrets were almost all things I didn’t get to do.

Can’t win if you don’t play.  So play and have fun.

Never ever ever

I don’t ever want to be cynical.  I hope that when I’m old I still have the quiet wonder and peace of my grandmother at 95 when the string beans ripened in the summer, when we watched Roman Holiday on television.

Never ever ever.  It isn’t blind optimism.  It’s simply choosing to be alive and fully so.

“Life seemed so sweet and so sad, and so hard to let go of in the end.  But hey man, every day’s a brand new deal.  Just keep on workin’ and somethin’s bound to turn up.” –Harvey Pekar, American Splendor

Nina Simone

Every time I hear Nina Simone, I think of the last scene of “Before Sunset” and feel warm inside.

Thinking about human relationships, having a clear-eyed understanding of situations and how they can be resolved.  Not allowing emotions to get the better of you.  But then again maybe life doesn’t really require so much thinking and parsing.  “Don’t think so much.  Life isn’t that simple.” “Most decisions in life don’t require lots of research.”  There comes a point when worrying begins to take over actually living and doing.  Some of us are so good at that.  When presented with the knot, what do you do?  Stare at it helplessly and do nothing?  Scream at it?  Cut the strings completely?  Sit down and try to untie it with a calm and focused mind?  Of all these choices, I like the last one best.  Though I can easily imagine losing patience at least once in a while and breaking down in tears, but remembering the importance of the task at hand and finding that focus again despite the distractions.