Thank you

Thank you for love

thank you for warm houses and heaters

for snow drifts

for public radio and TED and 30 Rock

for dancing anytime, anywhere, anyhow

for sun in my bedroom window

for reflections on shiny wood floors

for grumpy cats

for rabbits

for moms and dads

for sisters strong and smart and wonderful

for deep and abiding friends, also family

for honest clocks

for tangerines piled up and fragrant

for old books, soft pages thumbed through

for finished homework

for calendars

for a vase of red and white roses and pink azaleas

for birthdays between Christmas and New Year’s

for chinese lobster

for congee after snow shoveling

for instant coffee

for hot water dispensers

for anthony bourdain

for hot water kettles

for bright sun on snow

for well-worn pajamas

for hot showers and just-washed hair

for q-tips

for love


The Portfolio

“This point of being a mature artist (is) where realism replaces fantasy, where hopes never diminish, where the love of art is more passionate than ever. And yet that which we love has brought us a lot of suffering, because the life of an artist is often uncompromising at times. It’s brought us a lot of pain, a lot of angst. And yet no matter what it’s brought, the love of your craft will overpower it all. (Because when) you see life, you see dance. You see feeling. We change the meaning of the words of our vocabulary with age.”

– Ibriham Farrah


Ulman read from Liu’s final statement before being sentenced to 11 years in jail for political incitement, titled, “I have no enemies.”

“And now, I have once again been shoved into the dock by the enemy mentality of the regime,” Liu wrote. “But I still want to say to this regime, which is depriving me of my freedom, that I stand by [my] convictions. … I have no enemies, and no hatred.”

Hatred, Liu wrote, “can rot away at a person’s intelligence and conscience. Enemy mentality will poison the spirit of a nation, incite cruel mortal struggles, destroy a society’s tolerance and humanity, and hinder a nation’s progress toward freedom and democracy.”

Washington Post

Questions to ask

What gives your life meaning?  When do you feel that your life is perfect as it is at that moment?

I sometimes forget that there’s no need to wait.  The moment is always available.

Maybe the question is more: How do you give your life meaning?

Turning curls
A poem is given to you
And passed on
What good is it to keep on beating the rock
again and again we beat our fists against it
wondering whether humans and ants
and how far we have come
only to come to this
following the scent trail of the other
going where
one by thousands crowding pushing
wondering wondering about the day
how much do we understand of that grim-faced stranger?
grim now, but so soft
when she crosses the threshold her heart loosens
she finds her voice and feels beautiful
she creates
objects spun and made real
she puts voice to anger, kicks the door because she feels like it
she wears all her good clothes, the high heels and lace
makes herself a cup of tea and sits down
like a mouse with a grand plan
to save or rule world