Arrested by complexity

1) What Are Young Chinese People Thinking About?

This is what moves me.  The individual stories, the particular and crystalline truths.  Watching 9/11 memorials on TV Sunday morning I was annoyed by the heart-tugging music that was supposed to tell you/describe how to feel.  I believe in letting people speak for themselves.  If you ask the right questions, the truth wants to come out, as people experience it.

2) Boy with his mother on the subway this morning, reading an I Spy type book.  After finishing the book, mother gives the boy a Transformer toy.  He holds it up by his face and smiling, peeks over it at the woman sitting across the aisle who smiles back.

Boy: Mama, I’m shy. 
Mom: What?
Boy (loudly, still looking at the woman): I’m SHY!  I’m really shy. (Woman laughs.  I’m cracking up)
Mom: Come on shy boy, we’re getting off now.
Boy (asking the woman across the aisle who has also gotten up): Where are you going?!?

3) Sometimes people who hate or can’t stand each other are held together by mutual love of something else.  Something greater.

4) Old folks: respect the wisdom of the young.  Young folks: respect the wisdom of the old.  There is grace and dignity in any and every age.


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