one reason

why i hate the “Asian women are so beautiful” pseudo-compliment.  We are no more or less beautiful than women of any race, age or biological sex.   I always wonder why people, esp. men, say this.  Is it because you watched porn w/ an Asian woman last night?  Is it because your father/grandfather/uncle fought in a war in an Asian country and brought home an army wife?  Sexualized media portrayals of Asian women and emasculated portrayals of Asian men still need to be worked out of the American bloodstream. 

“Sexual assault in the Asian American community is far more pervasive than might be assumed,” said Larry Lee, NYAWC’s Executive Director.  “A recent report indicates that 19% of Asian women compared to 11% non-Asian women are sexually abused in America’s colleges.  A pernicious Western sexual stereotype of Asian women leads to Asian women being exploited on 60% of violent pornography websites and at least half of the women trafficked into the U.S. for commercial sexual exploitation being Asian.  This grant will enable NYAWC to start to address the many forms of sexual assault of Asian women and to develop effective preventive, outreach and treatment models.” – New York Non-Profit Press 


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