Derrick Bell

Deeply touched.

‘Mr. Bell, soft-spoken and erudite, wrote that he was “not confrontational by nature.” ‘

‘In “Ethical Ambition,” Mr. Bell wrote: “It is not easy to look back over a long career and recognize with some pain that my efforts may have benefited my career more clearly than they helped those for whom I have worked.”

But a decade earlier, he had said: “I cannot continue to urge students to take risks for what they believe if I do not practice my own precepts.”’

Thinking about the protests on Wall Street, begun by a loose collective of young people, frustrated, perhaps unemployed, mocked by the mainstream.  They had nothing to lose.  Sometimes only the margins are brave enough and have lost enough to push for everyone else.  Sometimes people who watch, the people who come after who benefit from what they have built will mock their foolishness.  It’s easy to mock when you are not the one sacrificing anything.


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