Remember, when the whole world seems to be burning

“They haven’t been politicized,” she said. “They’re not entirely associated with the opposition. People romanticize these students because they’re a-political so to speak. They just want food on the table and want crime to stop.” – Fusion correspondent Mariana Atencio

“Despite all that has befallen her, Alice insists that she has never, ever hated the Nazis, and she never will. Some see in her tolerance and compassion a secular saint who has been blessed with the gift of forgiveness, but Alice is far more pragmatic — she has seen enough in her life to know all too well that hatred eats the soul of the hater, not the hated.”



“I want to speak for those children who were born and live in prison camps as I did, and for people who don’t even know what ‘human rights’ are,” Mr. Shin said. “I hope that they can say they are hungry when they are hungry and say it’s painful if someone hurts them.”


Rebellion vs. Revolution

“Rebellions tend to be negative, to denounce and expose the enemy without providing a positive vision of a new future…A revolution is not just for the purpose of correcting past injustices, a revolution involves a projection of man/woman into the future…It begins with projecting the notion of a more human human being, i.e. a human being who is more advanced in the specific qualities which only human beings have – creativity, consciousness and self-consciousness, a sense of political and social responsibility.” 

-Grace Lee Boggs, Revolution and Evolution in the 20th Century (1974)

New Universe

“Confirmation of the Higgs boson or something very much like it would constitute a rendezvous with destiny for a generation of physicists who have believed in the boson for half a century without ever seeing it. The finding affirms a grand view of a universe described by simple and elegant and symmetrical laws — but one in which everything interesting, like ourselves, results from flaws or breaks in that symmetry.”

In an e-mail, Maria Spiropulu, a professor at the California Institute of Technology who works with the CMS team of physicists, said: “I personally do not want it to be standard model anything — I don’t want it to be simple or symmetric or as predicted. I want us all to have been dealt a complex hand that will send me (and all of us) in a (good) loop for a long time.”